funny mice

funny mice

Here is our selection of funny Mice pictures, with more funny pictures added everyday!

Did you know that Mice are actually incredibly tidy and organised. Rats are also clean and tidy, contrary to what people often believe. They clean themselves whenever they can and if you have Mice or Rats as pets, they have even been known to push their poop out of the cage to make it clean!

Isnt that funny! Well, unless you're the one who has to clean the Mouses mess up.

Mice are creatures with a lot of personality, they even communication through facial expressions and sounds. This makes them incredibly funny as you'll see in our funny Mice pictures.

funny mice joke

One lab Mouse to another: I've trained that crazy Human at last. How have you done that? I don't know how, but every time I run through that maze and ring the bell, he gives me a piece of cheese.

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